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Whistling is really creepy.

The better the whistling, the more unnerving it becomes. Fast forward to :30 to see what I’m talking about.

Dancing, or furiously shaking your ass, to a whistling tune is crudely animalistic.

Using body parts other than the mouth, such as the belly button, to whistle makes a brother want to puke. It’s also the leading cause of coneheaded babies.

Babies who weren’t subjected to head-smooshing monkeyshines are well aware of whistling’s hidden demon.

Yes, there’s a demon hidden within each and every seemingly light-hearted whistle.

And not even a-whistling your most uplifting hymn can exorcise that squealing demon. Nay, it will only increase the demon’s ravenous thirst for the Lamb of God’s blood.

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Whistling Fred Lowery