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My Technics SL-10′s currently on an aeroplane out here to the Wild Wild West, which means the records I purchased last week at Amoeba Records will have to gather dust in the corner just a bit longer. Luckily, I dug up this gem from a nearly-forgotten ripping bender I did sometime last year.

The 9th is truly a work of genius. Prominent historians have noted that Einstein, after seeing his first performance of the 9th, exclaimed, “Damn son, you ain’t playin’. My boi Beethoven’s reppin’ the Fatherland for real!” If you let your guard down let the deaf German storm your upper story he’ll take you places. Not the grocery store or prom, but places.

Stuart Y. McDougal describes the listening experience best in his screwed up classic A Clockwork Orange.

>>>Click here to download Ludwig Van’s Horrorshow Romp