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Hey, read first!

The following images are what your ears will see when listening to Chris & Cosey’s experimental masterpiece Trance. Play “Re-Education Through Labour” on the provided YouTube feed and ever so slowly scroll through the pictures. Make sure to use your headphones.

Juxtapose two images at a time as a pairing for the music. For example, how does seeing a googly-eyed Andy Griffith paired with a woman’s severed arms make you feel. Similarly, why did Mr. Griffith instruct a vulture to steal that darling child? Let your imagination run wild and take your time to extrapolate multiple ideas from each pairing and feel free to add or multiply inferences to the progression of photos on your way through the set.

Again, be sure to use your headphones, take your time, and really contemplate how the beat correlates to the animated gif’s visual tempo.

What does this all mean. Something? Nothing? Everything?

>>>Click here to download Trance at 320kbps from vinyl


A1 Cowboys In Cuba 5:36
A2 Lost 3:04
A3 The Giants Feet 6:22
A4 Impulse 2:23
B1 Re-Education Through Labour 7:07
B2 Secret 2:53
B3 Until 5:26
B4 The Gates Of Ancient Cities 4:28