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This is the first disc in a four-party box set that’s everything folk music.  I’m certain I have the booklet for this somewhere so I’ll hold off on getting long-winded and let the disc side and track titles do the talking.  I hope you enjoy this little slice of Americana.

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Side A: Songs of the Old World and Migration to the New

1. Cynthia Gooding – Greensleeves

2. Ian Campbell Folk Group – Down In The Coal Mine

3. Ewan Maccoll – Geordie

4. Irish Ramblers – Whiskey In The Jar

5. Susan Reed – Irish Famine Song

6. Ed McCurdy – Gypsie Laddie

7. Jean Redpath – Tae The Weavers

8. African Traveling Song

9. Navajo Night Chant

10. Gene Bluestein – Skada At America

Side B: Settling, Exploring and Growing in the New World

1. New Lost City Ramblers – When First Unto This Country

2. Susan Reed – Springfield Mountain

3. Ed McCurdy – Good Old Colony Times

4. Oscar Brand – Jefferson and Liberty

5. Pete Seeger – Darling Corey

6. Jack Elliott – Jesse James

7. Leadbelly – Rock Island Line

8. Woody Guthrie – Oregon Trail

9. Erik Darling – Swannanoa Tunnel

10. Ed McCurdy – Kentucky Moonshiner

11. Alabama School Children – Green, Green, Rocky Road