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Monthly Archives: August 2009

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Disc two brings us the only two things an honest man ever needs: work and God.  Soul abounds in these tracks start to finish from back in the day when being Irish was to be oppressed.  Now it just means you’re expected to celebrate St. Paddy’s day like a baffoon and carry on a hearty tradition of freckle fetish. With the other tracks I feel like I’m listening to premixed tracks from Moby’s album Play.  Just that sort of southern, sweltering, heart-squeezing music. Like grit under your nails and baptismal water in your hair: righteous.

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Side C: Work Song

1. Leadbelly – Pick a Bale of Cotton

2. Seafarers Chorus – Haul on the Bowline

3. Pete Seeger – Paddy Works on the Railway

4. Harry Jackson – I Ride an Old Paint

5. Cisco Houston – Zebra Dun

6. Horace Sprott – Field Holler

7. Koerner, Ray & Glover – Linin’ Track

8. Willie Turner – Now Your Man Done Gone

9. Josh White – Timber

10. Negro Prisoners – Negro Prisoners – Grizzly Bear

Side D: Many Worshippers, One God

1. Marilyn Child & Glenn Yarbrough – Mary Had A Baby

2. Josh White – Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin’ Bed

3. Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was The Night

4. Judy Collins – Twelve Gates To The City

5. Theodore Bikel – A Zemer

6. Glenn Yarbrough – Wayfaring Stranger

7. Ed McCurdy – Simple Gifts

8. Leadbelly – Meeting at the Building

9. Bob Gibson – You Can Tell The World

10. Christian Tabernacle Church – Down By The Riverside

Click here for a random Rebuilt Tranny post

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This is the first disc in a four-party box set that’s everything folk music.  I’m certain I have the booklet for this somewhere so I’ll hold off on getting long-winded and let the disc side and track titles do the talking.  I hope you enjoy this little slice of Americana.

Don’t forget to check out Disc 2 Disc 3 and Disc 4

Side A: Songs of the Old World and Migration to the New

1. Cynthia Gooding – Greensleeves

2. Ian Campbell Folk Group – Down In The Coal Mine

3. Ewan Maccoll – Geordie

4. Irish Ramblers – Whiskey In The Jar

5. Susan Reed – Irish Famine Song

6. Ed McCurdy – Gypsie Laddie

7. Jean Redpath – Tae The Weavers

8. African Traveling Song

9. Navajo Night Chant

10. Gene Bluestein – Skada At America

Side B: Settling, Exploring and Growing in the New World

1. New Lost City Ramblers – When First Unto This Country

2. Susan Reed – Springfield Mountain

3. Ed McCurdy – Good Old Colony Times

4. Oscar Brand – Jefferson and Liberty

5. Pete Seeger – Darling Corey

6. Jack Elliott – Jesse James

7. Leadbelly – Rock Island Line

8. Woody Guthrie – Oregon Trail

9. Erik Darling – Swannanoa Tunnel

10. Ed McCurdy – Kentucky Moonshiner

11. Alabama School Children – Green, Green, Rocky Road

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From the little known jazz saxophonist Lucky Thompson and his quartet comes Lucky Strikes. I picked this up early on in my vinyl collecting days simply because I needed some jazz in my collection and I’m really glad I did. Lucky is a great tenor and soprano jazz saxophonist–some would go as far to say that he’s the greatest soprano saxophonist to ever grace a jazz club. I don’t have much experience to go on in this field but I would have to go out on a limb and say that he’s pretty damn good.

Don’t think Kenny G’s screaming baby sax with this album because it’s far from it. He really knows how to tame the raw upper-range power of the brass mongoose to make it purr just right. This album mixes of the chipper attitude found in Vince Guaraldi’s work for the Peanuts soundtracks, most notably the Christmas album, with the solemn “Farewell Blues” from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. Quite a swirl.

Get Cool Here

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Here’s a dancy little disc conjured up from the brain of John Lydon or, as he’s better known from his day with the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten.  Don’t expect any of the Sex Pistols sound here, however.  The Pistols’ punk-in-the-trunk makes way for the supremely 80′s fashion-blasted post-punk slathered in these tracks.  Well, I guess it’s post-punk.  A lot of things came after punk: Miley Cyrus, Y2K, Crest White Strips.  I suppose it’s post-ragtime as well.  Music genre names are retarded.

Anyway, it’s a carnivalesque song dressed up in a hot pink polyester blouse with large foam shoulder pads.  The remixes are a bit more fun than the original but the album cut is peppy enough in its own right.  I also have another full length album entitled Happy? from 1987 by Public Image Ltd which strangely doesn’t contain any songs with its namesake.  Maybe it will make it’s way on here with a bit of encouragement.

Check the original mix.


-Happy 12″ remix

-Happy 7″ dub remix

-Happy Album Edit

Get Happy!

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Chris Frantz and Tina Weyworth of Talking Heads stole the show from David Byrne with this tasty little side project in 1981. It started out as a bit of fun for the married couple and evolved into a smash hit that outshined anything by Talking Heads, until Speaking in Tongues hit the scene in 1983. And that’s just what this album is, a whole Jello factory full of fun–it’ll make you wiggle and jiggle more than a Bill Cosby tickle ghost. This is a must have for anyone that loves carefree 80s synthpop, post-disco, or whatever you want to call it.  It really deserves a category to itself.  Maybe squigglegiggle. That sounds pleasurable.

Video for the single version of Genius of Love. The tempo is a tiny bit faster than the LP version.

Mariah Carey trippin’ the riff from Genius of Love

Movin’ and a shakin’ at 320 kbps just around the corner.