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Disc two brings us the only two things an honest man ever needs: work and God.  Soul abounds in these tracks start to finish from back in the day when being Irish was to be oppressed.  Now it just means you’re expected to celebrate St. Paddy’s day like a baffoon and carry on a hearty tradition of freckle fetish. With the other tracks I feel like I’m listening to premixed tracks from Moby’s album Play.  Just that sort of southern, sweltering, heart-squeezing music. Like grit under your nails and baptismal water in your hair: righteous.

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Side C: Work Song

1. Leadbelly – Pick a Bale of Cotton

2. Seafarers Chorus – Haul on the Bowline

3. Pete Seeger – Paddy Works on the Railway

4. Harry Jackson – I Ride an Old Paint

5. Cisco Houston – Zebra Dun

6. Horace Sprott – Field Holler

7. Koerner, Ray & Glover – Linin’ Track

8. Willie Turner – Now Your Man Done Gone

9. Josh White – Timber

10. Negro Prisoners – Negro Prisoners – Grizzly Bear

Side D: Many Worshippers, One God

1. Marilyn Child & Glenn Yarbrough – Mary Had A Baby

2. Josh White – Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin’ Bed

3. Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was The Night

4. Judy Collins – Twelve Gates To The City

5. Theodore Bikel – A Zemer

6. Glenn Yarbrough – Wayfaring Stranger

7. Ed McCurdy – Simple Gifts

8. Leadbelly – Meeting at the Building

9. Bob Gibson – You Can Tell The World

10. Christian Tabernacle Church – Down By The Riverside