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I don’t play guitar.  I don’t know the technial aspects of what makes a guitarist great.  However, what I can recognize is when a dude is, how you say, shredding.  And man can Jeff Beck shred.  If anyone checked out my Masayoshi Takanaka post you should definitely check out Wired.  I’m pretty sure Beck is Takanaka’s American half brother.

An undated photograph of Jeff Back at one of his infamous afterparties.

Download Jeff Beck – Wired Here < UPDATED


1. Led Boots

2. Come Dancing

3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hats

4. Head For Backstage Pass

5. Blue Wind

6. Sophie

7. Play With Me

8. Love Is Green

Also, check out Masayoshi Takanaka – Rainbow Goblins Story (Live at Bukokan) from my earlier post here.