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The title of this album is a very bold claim.  Usually I’d just notch this up to trumpery and smack the dick of the record label in the toilet seat. But this one sticks to its guns. So much so that it shot a hole right through my olive grey boots.  I’d sue but they only cost 11 bucks and it wouldn’t hold up in small claims court because by all accounts this compilation doesn’t exist.  Except for a few broken links for eBay item requests I couldn’t find anything on this.  So lucky for you you’re treated to a creep pic of a Country Bear for an album cover until I can revive my ancient digital camera.

I was lucky enough to pick this up at a thrift store in Newport, KY for 60 cents last week and have been itching to post it ever since.  It starts off strong with Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line” (albeit with a bit of an early skip hiccup) and continues into the perfect balance of classic country’s upbeat instruments with dog dying lyrics.  I can’t think of anything that can make you so content and suicidal at the same time.

I can just imagine my Grandma Jan listening to this right after its release in 1986 in her trailer in the absolute middle of nowhere in Wyoming with her half wolf/half huskie named Skoal as her companion.  Suddenly she gets an unexpected ring on her phone that awakens her fold of meticulously arranged Precious Moments dolls: it’s God and he wants to know why in the Hell she’s late for roll call.

Her response is simple: Good Country lives forever.

Download All-Time Greatest Hits of Country Music vinyl rip to MP3 HERE

Be sure to also check out Disc 2 and Disc 3


A1 – Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line

A2 – Sons of the Pioneers – Cool Water

A3 – Elton Britt – There’s A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere

A4 – Roy Acuff – Wabash Cannonball

A5 – Hank Williams – Lovesick Blues

A6 – Eddy Arnold – Cattle Call

A7 – Jimmie Rodgers – Blue Yodel No. 1 (T For Texas)

A8 – The Davis Sisters – I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know

A9 – Tex Ritter – High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)

A10 – Vaughn Monroe & The Quartet – Riders In The Sky

A11 – Stuart Hamblen – This Ole House

B1 – Eddy Arnold – Anytime

B2 – Homer & Jethro – (How Much Is) That Hound Dog In The Window

B3 – Chet Atkins – Country Gentleman

B4 – Pee Wee King and his band featuring Redd Stewart – Slowpoke

B5 – Porter Wagoner – Misery Loves Company

B6 – Hank Snow – I’m Movin’ On

B7 – Don Gibson – Oh Lonesome Me

B8 – Jim Reeves – He’ll Have To Go

B9 – Slim Whitman – There’s A Rainbow In Ev’ry Teardrop

B10 – Connie Smith – Just One Time

B11 – Ernest Ashworth – Talk Back Trembling Lips