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I’m a big fan of Junior Boys and, for the most part, remixes.

So after playing Junior Boys’ latest full length album Begone Dull Care on my CD player about 50 billion times it seemed like the perfect time to change it up a bit and revisit the Dead Horse EP based upon its fusion of the aforementioned traits.

These remixes, by Hot Chip, Tensnake, Carl Craig, and Kode 9 all border on the verge of dance but not really to the point of Indian Rain Boogie Foot Stomping.  They’d be more at home at the end of a really fast, really loud DJ set when everyone is drenched with sweat and the dance floor smells like PBR, cheap champagne and  blown fuses.  Any one of these tracks could come on and you’d squeeze in closely with your newly-courted boo and shimmy and sway the rest of the night away in post-party euphoria.

Soak it in.

Track List

1. In the Morning (Hot Chip Remix)

2. FM (Tensnake Remix)

3. Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix)

4. Double Shadow (Kode 9 Remix)

Download it here:

Here’s the original version of Junior Boys’ In The Morning: