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So yes, this is a disco take on the Wizard of Oz.  I’m pretty sure if there was ever a reason to exclaim FABULOUS! this is it. I mean with the throb disco beat, the Emerald City, ruby slippers, wands and tiaras this might take the cake of gayest album ever. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing…I’m just saying if you were to play this during your drag performance you’d win unanimously.

If Oz were like the back of this album cover men would do everything in their power to get sucked up by a prairie tornado.  After all, in Oz you can be the goofiest asshole ever and still rub nasty with a seemingly normal hot chick. Maybe those chicks are severely mentally disabled or something? Perhaps the wonky fellows of The Emerald City have perfected the science of Roofy Chemistry: instead of making a broad pass out she just puts on something sexy and rubs should blades with you. Hot. But best of all if you’re a creepy little dude donning a salami shirt it’s totally cool to chafe all over the taller folk with reckless abandon.  As long as it’s over the clothes everyone’s SO chill.

Get some, little man. Get some.

Click here to download The Wizard of Oz to MP3


A1 Over The Rainbow
A2 Cyclone
A3 Munchkinland
A4 Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
A5 Munchkinland (Again)
A6 We’re Off To See The Wizard (The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz)
B1 Poppies
B2 The Spell
B3 Optimistic Voices
B4 The Merry Old Land Of Oz
B5 The Haunted Forest
B6 March Of The Winkies
B7 Dorothy’s Rescue
B8 If I Were King Of The Forest
B9 Over The Rainbow
B10 The Reprise