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You can never have enough vintage racing sound effects in your arsenal. The tail end of the record jacket’s description gives a good tip on how to best listen to this album:

If you keep in mind the programmatic descriptions of the sequences in this recording, it will give considerably more insight into just what is happening on the racing course or near the pits. You will always be able to tell when the cars are on the straight parts of the race course. It is easy to detect the difference between the practice runs and the actual sound of a race. There are other typical sounds of the raceway, each of which has its own individual stamp. These include pumping the gas pedal, ”whining out,” the sounds of tire squeals as the cars round the turns, the sounds of “shifting down” into another gear, the sounds of the tune-up, “backing off,” cars revving up, etc. Use of guaranteed total frequency range techniques plus special microphone placement and expert mastering of records combine to make this an exciting auditory experience.

So, folks, hold on to your seat as the “eight-bangers” roll into action, as the cheater clicks burn up, as the racing drivers come “out of the hole,” as the drivers make the most of their “goodies” and go burning down the track. The starter is flagging the drivers at Daytona.

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The following videos aren’t of the cars featured in this album but they’re running on the same track from the very same year. Each video follows a team of four specially prepped Mercury Comet Cyclones as they drive continuously around the Daytona Speedway ring for almost 2 months and cover 100,000 miles.  Are we there yet?