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Ah, old fashioned country music.  Back when hearts were truly demolished and songs of murder flowed like mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby.  Unlike today’s country it wasn’t meant to be cheeky or cute; just expedite your conversion into a lonely alcoholic who spends his or her time glued to a barstool in some watering hole set in the foothills of the Appalachians.

This here album is the definition of what country music should be: songs about love lost, deceit, betrayal, and bad memories by people with real life experience in those fields.  Old Time Country is the perfect vehicle for Johnny Cash; whose life was, for much if its duration, stuck in the bottom of a Busch League Porta Potty.

Most likely you won’t recognize most of the tracks from this album, which is a good thing.  It gives you the opportunity to start afresh and really absorb the strange comedy created by the juxtaposition of melancholy lyrics set to catchy rhythms. However, if you are familiar with these ditties I’d like to buy you a round of the Bourbon of your choice.

With Rock Island Line you also get the extra bonus of Jeannie C. Riley on the second side of the disc.  Her songs are just as misery-filled as good ole Johnny’s but with a more feminine twist: all of the sorrow with just a touch of catty gossip icing. And her voice ain’t too shabby either.

I want to sing you a very sad song.

So if you’ve been poisoned by a contemporary country/butt rock song by Rascal Flatts or simply glimpsed a picture of Kid Rock take a listen to this record. It’s your guaranteed ticket to the Grand Ole Opry in the Sky.

Download the record here: Cash and Jeannie C. Riley – Rock Island

Here’s a great live take on the title track: