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Gil Mantera’s Party Dream rolled through our quaint little Midwestern village on Friday night like a spandex tornado. Many good Christian boys and girls died and were born again as nasty, naughty little dance slaves at the Southgate House, home of the Tommy Gun and the most insane sound system since The Grateful Dead’s “Wall of Sound”. Because my laptop is still shooting blanks, here is a short but sweet rundown on the boys from Youngstown for those who haven’t been fortunate enough to have their faces slapped by Gil’s sweaty manhood.

GMPD isn’t a new band. In fact, they’ve been around for some time now. The first time I saw the dongtastic duo was during a trip up to Cleveland to visit some chickadees in either 2003 or 2004. I remember one of the ladies telling me about this crazy band that was playing at the Grog Shop. “It’s a couple of 40 year old dudes that strip down to their underwear on stage and tell retarded jokes and play a synthesizer. It’s really stupid but really funny,” she blurbed. I wasn’t too pumped but what the hell, I’m in Cleveland, what else am I going to do…lick a bunch of rusting bridges?

Well, that broad was right for all the best reasons.

What I witnessed was the most pleasantly uncomfortable show in my entire life. Half the time I was shaking my ass to their throbbing synth, guitar and vocoder cocktail. The other half the time I was squirming in my skin from their awkward but somehow hilarious inter-song bantering. I didn’t know if I should run for the fire exit or let my whole person metamorphose to the beat of “Blatz from the Pabst”. But I stayed and it was awesome. Too awesome for your possum.

**A funny side note to this initial encounter with The Angels from the Outfield is that Girl Talk opened for them that night. I think I vaguely remember that it was his last show before graduation or something like that. I just thought he was a total spaz up there playing MP3s on his laptop and it really pissed me off. Ah, the follies of youth.

Anyway, since that first show I’ve seen GMPD probably 10 or so times in various venues and each time its just as unreal as the next. At each show they’ve never failed to impress me with the truly ridiculous amount of neon/tasseled/leather clothing they have in their possession. They must have twin closets the size of a Jiffy Lube. The jokes just get weirder and more disjointed with every viewing. I thought they would just run out of material sooner or later but it just keeps flowing. And somehow the guys never seem to look older…the endless headstands, PBRs and chaffing never slowed them down.

Oh yeah, and the music is really good too.

This final clip is from the show on Friday. Make sure you turn your speakers waydown before you press play. Standing near the stage at the Southgate House is an otherwordly experience. The bass shakes the air around you with a ferocity that makes your entire outfit vibrate and the tip of your nose tickle in the most curious fashion. This makes audio recording on Mr. Familiarity’s iPhone totally impossible. So, this time, just feast with your eyes.

Check out GMPD’s tour dates, more photos and purchase their sweet cuts at