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There are so many reasons to love Goblin.

Primo, they composed the soundtrack to one of the best movies of all time: George Romero’s original Dawn Of The Dead. Goblin’s use of a full rock band mixed with primitive synth and sparing yet ghastly vocals are really the blood and guts of the Zombi, as it was called in Goblin’s home country of Italy. The track featured on this “Best Of” collection is a particularly jaunty number. I think it plays when the survivors first arrive at Monroeville Mall. I can envision Roger and Peter making zombie quiche with their rifle butts to the beat of this track while running past shops and boutiques, but I could be wrong. My disc is totally scratched or I’d fact check. If anyone can shed some light on this, please, let me know.

Secondo, Goblin’s made their claim to fame by composing the scores for horror films, almost exclusively. How nice it must have been for the guys of Goblin to wake up one day and say to themselves, “You know what? We’re sick of just playing normal prog rock all the time. We want to really spice things up. We want blood. Buckets of blood, God Dammit!” So they wrote songs about witches, serial killers, zombies, and the like. And were very successful, despite being an Italian prog rock band that writes scores for horror movies. I envy them immensely.

Terzo, their music hits all the right notes. They can be creepy when needed, as displayed in the song “Witch” from the film Suspiria:

But they can also flip the switch and crank out a catchy little tune, complete with awesome 8-bit accompaniment (which kicks in at about 45 seconds into the vid), like “Connexion” from the film Contamination:

Quarto, Goblin’s music has been remixed into some of the finest contemporary tracks. First, take a close listen to the already excellent theme from the movie Tenebre, as performed by Goblin.

Now, take a listen to the badass track “Phantom” by the electro duo Justice, which happens to also be one of my favorite groups.

Very similar but somehow Justice makes it their very own mind-blowing track. However, it maintains much of the original creep that makes Tenebre so delicious.

UPDATE: It seems that Gucci Mane has now sampled Justice sampling Goblin on his new track “Gucci Time”. Perhaps Tenebre will be sampled forever and ever in an infinite loop of horror madness.

Infine, Goblin are some of the snappiest dressers of all time. Just check out the turtleneck sweaters on these badboys.

“Hou want a scary track? I make it for you. Come back, one week.”

>>>Click here to download The Best Of Goblin

Side 1

1. Profondo Rosso (From The Film Profondo Rosso)
2. Witch (From The Film Suspiria)
3. E Suono Rock (From The Film Wampir)
4. Suspiria (From The Film Suspiria)
5. Zombi (From The Film Zombi, or Dawn Of The Dead)
6. Connexion (From The Film Contamination)
Side 2
1. Roller (From The Film Roller)
2. Nocturne (From The Film Notturno)
3. Phenomena (From The Film Phenomena)
4. Withy (From The Film Contamination)
5. Tenebre (From The Film Tenebre)
6. School At Night (Lullaby Child Version) (From The Film Profondo Rosso)
7. Death Dies (Film Version) (From The Film Profondo Rosso)

Torrential thunderstorms and close calls with tornadoes rocked Cincinnati this past week. Unfortunately, the skies are once again deep blue with a spattering of fluffy white clouds. As such, I felt it appropriate to upload an album which brings us back to the good old times of flash floods and hydroplaning on Route 50′s blind bend outside of Turkey Bottom. Rainbabies and splishsplashers alike, please enjoy a “Totally New Concept In Sound.”

I also felt that this is a good album to showcase what exactly vinyl ripping programs like Audacity can do to help remove the clicks and pops from well-loved discs. I bought this album at Shake-It Records for $1.99. It’s seen its share of turntables and accrued a king’s ransom of grime and scuffs over the past 36 years. Disc 4′s slutty past makes it a perfect candidate for my celebrity makeover.

The first step I always take with dirty, naughty little discs is to give them a nice bath using a synthetic fiber paint brush,  mild dish or hand soap and lukewarm water. I make a soapy water solution in a small bowl and apply it heartily to the brush. Then, I use said brush to gently scrub the disc in the direction of the grooves. I take as much care not to scrub too hard and add anymore scratches. Next, rinse thoroughly. Finally, I dry it all off with a microfiber hand mitt I bought from Big Lots. Don’t waste your money on magic disc solvents, my friends. It will only lead to heartache.

Next, I pop the bad boy on the SL-10 and record. There’s a whole lot of hulabaloo that happens here but I’m going to keep that private. Some secrets are just too delicious.

Once the slippery, exhausted digital copy gets onto Audacity I take a listen and look-see to see how many of the violent offenders remain. Here’s a visual of what the sound signature of this disc’s second side looks like fresh off the spinner.

What happens next is a bit of voodoo magic. There’s a little de-clicking mechanism on Audacity that takes most of the fuzz out of records. The only catch is that if you set the parameters too aggressively on the de-click it will take some of the fidelity out of your recording. So, you have to balance what you find acceptable with clicks and what sound you’re willing to lose in order to have a clean disc.

I’ve been through a fair amount of de-clicking sessions and think I’ve found a pretty decent balance between cleanliness and bangin’ sound. Here’s a pic of the sound signature Side 2 has after going through the Audacity de-click process.

You’ll notice that there are still a few spikes on the register, especially toward the end. Even using the most ferocious setting on the de-click tool some little blips will always be present from the original record. In most cases they look much worse on the visualization than they sound when listening. It’s really all subjective; some will say you should leave every click because it keeps the soul of the record. Others demand you clean that shit up…it’s gross and you’re going to stain the carpet.

I like to go on a case by case basis on when I should ”fix” a disc and how many pops I like to remove. Usually I find that the discs I want to clean up the most benefit the least from using the Audacity software. That’s just how things work sometimes.

There’s a lot I’m leaving out here about the actual conversion process but I just wanted to basically show that it’s somewhat possible to clean up your soiled discs. But don’t get your hopes up about removing the effects of that killer scratch from your Doobie Brothers album. You shouldn’t have gotten drunk and started throwing license plates around in the first place, idiot.

>>>Click here to download Environments Disc 4


A The Psychologically Ultimate Thunderstorm Running Time: 30:54
B Gentle Rain In A Pine Forest (Synthetic Silence) Running Time: 35:28

There are now over 100 albums on Rebuilt Tranny’s Rat Rod Record Exchange. Instead of celebrating I’m going to hand over a sad album to the internet community. I’ve lost so many hours uploading the Rainbow Goblins Story, countless Daft Punk records, cacophonous machinery, and too – many – remixes.

I could have spent all of that LP-twirling doing something worthwhile: watching Red Dwarf episodes on Netflix.

British Sci-Fi: The only reason to live?

But before I digress, let’s get back to the actual subject of this post for just a second. Nick Drake, English folk rock extraordinaire, also felt like he was in a life filled with waste. Despite albums filled with tonally rich yum-yums, he continually failed to sell more than a few thousand albums for each release.

No one really knows why he couldn’t push units. Some say it was because he hated performing. Others say it’s because he avoided interviews at all costs. And then there are those who point to the fact that he was never, EVER captured on video.

But I know the real truth.

Nick hugged the electric cactus by overdosing on antidepressants 14 years before Red Dwarf even hit the air. He never got to see the pinnacle of British television. He never got to see how cats would evolve 3 million years in the future (they turn into humans with sharp canines, James Brown dance moves, and impeccable taste in Nudie-style suites.) He only had Dr. Who…and his suicide-enducing scarf.

Seriously, kill me now.

So, I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about my lot. I do feel fortunate I had the opportunity to see that episode where Lister became impregnated by the female-alternate-universe-version of himself. That was bloody hilarious!

Maybe if Nick had witnessed the comedic gold presented in the following clip we’d still have him with us today.

I’m just be glad I’m still kickin’, my record player is still spinnin’, and I haven’t fried my new hard drive during the hours of conducting the vinyl-to-MP3 train. All aboard. Or something.

I hope to bring another 100 albums online in the next year and then 100 more after that.

This album is a reminder that you should always be thankful for what you have and remember, there are always lots more juicy tunes just a click away.

>>Click to download Bryter Layter


A1 Introduction 1:33
A2 Hazey Jane II 3:41
A3 At The Chime Of A City Clock 4:42
A4 One Of These Things First 4:46
A5 Hazey Jane I 4:24
B1 Bryter Layter 3:16
B2 Fly 2:56
B3 Poor Boy 6:30
B4 Northern Sky 3:42
B5 Sunday

***Warimashi! You can also find Holst’s original classical version of The Planets, conducted by Sir Adrian Boult, by clicking here!

Does anyone want to visit outer space anymore? I doubt that anyone could find any allure in sporting a big, airtight body-diaper and leaving the comfy oxygen bubble surrounding Earth. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t get any 3G coverage up there. So, you couldn’t even bitch to your friends on Facebook about how totally boring the endless panaroma of our planet, viewed from a freely-floating spacesuit, can really be. Plus, your umbilical cord to the space shuttle totally wouldn’t match your moonboots. Um, so lame.

But I remember, not too long ago in the great scheme, when things were much different. Back in my day, when kids ate coal and shit diamonds, we had this little show called Double Dare. Kids would risk life and limb climbing through metric tons of fake earwax and green gooble-dee-goop to capture little red flags. It was tough work, by George, and many kids lost limbs, important limbs, wading through that synthetic muck. Also, Mark Summers was there but he wasn’t unwrapping the mystery of how Nutter-Butters are made…instead he was turning boys’ nuts into butter on the obstacle course.

So, why oh why did these kids take such sticky risks for such tiny red flags? Two words: SPACE CAMP.

This child abuse was outlawed after Congress passed the Summers Bill in ’89.

That girl at the beginning is having a BLAST in that awkward astroscope. Bad touch, bad touch!

Back in the 80′s, when it wasn’t exploding, the space shuttle was rocking back and forth from the USA to OUTER SPACE. Up and down and round and round it went. Back then we felt the whole thing was just some horribly dangerous and vulgarly expensive workout session for the real deal: Outer Outer Space. You know, past the moon, which we (the good guys) first visited in 1969. It was universally assumed that, sooner or later, Admiral Reagan would tell the boys, “That’s good enough. You’ve trained like true Americans. Now, I want you to aim that big ol’ stick right at Mars and bring back a damn Alien for the Gipper. So let it be written, so let it be done.”

But, somehow, the nation got distracted by all sorts of things…the end of the Cold War, MTV, Tony Danza, Sega Genesis, Melrose Place…beautiful beasts that seeped into our televisions and stole air time from NASA and their team of gee whizzers. And before you knew it we had even more cable channels and we didn’t have to watch the same old boring news clips of that Interatmospheric Baluga’s migration patterns anymore. Soon, no one gave a damn about what bizarre insect mating rituals NASA’s astronauts observed in zero gravity. We were all too busy letting Hollywood give us a tutorial on 21st century virtual reality bonin’.

Eventually, space was out. What’s the point of strapping yourself onto a guided bomb and risking your life when you can experience the same deal at home on your PS3? I mean, subwoofers have gotten pretty good…you can almost feel the second-stage rocket boosters right on your Gucci. And, after all, real space is pretty boring. There aren’t any aliens with plasma rifles. There aren’t any richly detailed story plots with 60+ hours of play time. There aren’t any bulbous spacelady boobs. Well, not that we know of. At least I don’t know about them. If you know of any space boobs, please, Motorola two-way page me.

We have lift off.

Space is just a sad, broken old man on the corner of McMillan and Vine. Someone told you that he used to be the head train conductor for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad when it ran out of Union Terminal. That may be true, but all you know is that he smells like piss and Wild Irish Rose. And pistachios…is it pistachios? No, I think it’s pecans.

Let’s take a trip back for second to when this man had his suit pressed on a weekly basis. Back to when you could set your watch to the crease in his crotch. Back to when the God damn whole world was pulled behind a magnificent silver train, hell bent on reaching the world of tomorrow not a minute too late.

………And when Japanese space electronica was way in.

>>>Click here to download The Tomita Planets at 320 kbps

The videos don’t really do the sound justice but the concept is really cool. I’d like to get my hands on this VHS some day. Just because.

Does anyone else envision hobos doing all sorts of hobo things when they listen to this album? I mean this is a great album but I just imagine…

A hobo blowing his nose into a used diaper.

A hobo promising to pay a cobbler with three questionable cans of sardines.

A hobo inexplicably sweeping a lonely stretch of train track.

A hobo drowning his sorrows in a bottle of gin because of his messy divorce from a mongrel dog named Scraps.

A hobo sneezing one of those really gross snot bubbles, complete with just a hint of blood.

A hobo who takes credit for unsuccessfully aborting César Chávez.

A hobo wearing suspenders…funny ones.

A hobo using coal dust to polish his shoes in anticipation of the Frogtown Ball.

A hobo with unquenchable dry mouth, brought on by worry that Halfpint Jim discovered he peed in the local swimming hole again.

A hobo who continually waxes nostalgic about his time as rig foreman for Standard Oil…but everyone knows he’s full of shit.

A hobo with a set of disturbingly pearly whites.

A hobo who toured as roadie for Bob Dylan until he mistakingly asked what foreign tongue Dylan used.

A hobo with a life-threatening urinary tract infection.

A hobo with soft hands and deliciously hot breath.

A hobo who stole The Golden Spike and sold it for 10 tickets to a 5 cent peep show.

A hobo midget with a Kings Island Gold Pass.

A hobo with a heart of fool’s gold.

Download The Best of The Band at 320 kbps

This album is funky. It has a solid funk foundation…think if Ohio Players and Donna Summers had a baby…a really sweaty baby. This moist infant was funky enough to be sampled in the Beastie Boys track “Shake Your Rump”.

Fun facts are all well and good for funk aficionados but I am only concerned with two things. Two things that, with a single flash, could put an end to all famine and strife on our planet and bring the Earth’s brothers and sisters together in a thousand-year reign of sexual satisfaction.

Those two things, of course, are the left and right eyes set deeply in the skull of Harvey Scales.

I just want a nibble, baby.

Well hello there, I’m glad you could make it. My grandmother calls me Harvey but you can call me Hot Foot. No, wait, don’t leave baby just sit down! You don’t want to sit? Ok, that’s fine…you stand right there and I’ll drink you all in. You’re a tall drink of water, haha. Yeah, tall and sweet like grandmama’s summertime peach tea. I bet I could finish you in one gulp too, girl, haHA! No, wait, baby don’t cry. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry come back. I promise I’ll mind my manners. Yeah, I’m sorry girl…I’ll just take baby sips and mind my manners. Yeah, that’s better. You want to blow your nose on my handkerchief? You sure. Baby, it’s silver, you sure? Ok that’s fine baby. Damn your hair looks soft…where you get it done? Trina’s? No? That Korean place down on the corner of 7th and Broadway? Can I smell it…it looks fragrant…fragrant like Egyptian Cocoa Butter…No wait baby please don’t call the police!

Beware the bramble patch past witching hour!

Yes, girl, your car keys are somewhere here within the confines of my all-expenses-paid Safari Suite. Maybe they’re under that gen-u-wine zebra-skin rug. Hmmm, no…no. They probably under that shining mountain of highly flammable jumpsuits in the corner. Baby, we could look all day and never find them in that synthetic mish-mash of lapels and zippers but why? We should just relax in this loveseat made of gazel butts, sip on this big ass bottle of Corbel and just get lost in each other’s eyes. What you think, baby? I wore my best onesie today just for you. It shows my manhood in all sorts of provocative ways. Just let me unzip it a little. You see what I’m sayin? It breathes baby, and the world breathes back.

A friendly giant.

Oh damn girl, you just fainted and everything. Shit, like a damn Georgia Oak. That, that’s ok. Come here, my slumbering princess; yeahhh. You just sit here right on my lap. Whoa, whoa don’t slide girl. Damn jumpsuit slippier than a motherfuck. Don’t worry baby, I’ll keep you safe. Just squeeze your hips like a teddy bear. Shit, girl, your hair is fragrant. Just like Egyptian Cocoa Butter…aahhhhh. You’re my little Cocoa Crisp, yeah. You just sleep here forever girl, right here on papa’s lap…daddy gonna take care of you.  Don’t ever wake up…not unless you want a taste of Hot Foot’s ring.

Click here to download Hot Foot (A Funque Dizco Opera) at 320 kbps

The album cover was altered to say Wendy after Carlos underwent sex reassignment surgery. Note that cartoon Carlos is still male.

Click here for a random Rebuilt Tranny post!

There are a lot of tasty fun facts about Walter Carlos. First off, he was the she that composed the Clockwork Orange soundtrack. The second is that Walter, later Wendy, is the only Father and Mother of Electronic Music. However, the most mysterious tid bit that stuck out in the hard-hitting Wikipedia article about Carlos was two curious words: Faraday Cage.

Scientific pursuits for the benefit of mankind.

A Faraday Cage is a special room that’s typically used to protect electronic devices such as industrial computer equipment from outside sources of electronic interence like lightning strikes or power surges. The Faraday Cage comes in handy for NASA when maintaining Tom Hanks’ neuronet processor during his bi-annual checkup. And, as the previous photo illustrates, it’s critical for protecting fedora-donning dumb dumbs from homemade tesla coils.

As any audiophile will tell you, the foundation of solid sound is clean electricity. Improper grounding and interference from appliances sucking your Jiggawatts can really throw a monkeybone into gears of the best-planned stereo system.

One of my apartments in Clifton during my college days had ungrounded outlets. This really played havoc on my home theater’s subwoofer by causing the most terrible buzzthumping. The only remedy was continually lassoing the connective cable around my apartment until it meshed with the friendly electromagnetic frequency of the day. Or something like that.

Getty Images just spit in your mom’s hair. Pictured is Walter pre-op.

On her website Carlos’ explains how her NYC neighbor’s mood lighting would mess with her home studio recordings:

Oh, yes, those are the remote controls for the various tape machines that you see on the far left, and just above, on the meter housing for the console, is a pair of Phase Linear Autocorrelators. These were a pretty decent single ended noise reduction devices that we had to use during the late 70′s due to power buzzes that came from the light dimmers in the brownstone next door (not amusing). I’d nearly forgotten about that nightmare, since (as I just mentioned) the console is now immune to such things, and the new studio, in being a genuine Faraday Cage (conductive walls, ceiling and floor, tied to common ground) is truly free from essentially all external signal

Carlos’ Frankensteinian Sound Cruncher

Just imagine Wendy flipping her shit as she went through countless wires trying to figure out which one was the harbinger of the dreaded analog buzz. However, she couldn’t freak out too hard because violent convulsions might, ahem, rip out the stiches that kept her womanhood roaring.

So basically Carlos was and is a mad scientist. She still toils her hours away by torturing electronic equipment into screaming the desired tone in her gigantic, eletronically-inert box. But we shouldn’t fear her for, as you will see after listening to By Request, the ends justify the end. And that’s always what’s most important…right?

Wendy Carlos: The Original Rebuilt Tranny

Click here to download By Request at 320 kbps


A1 Three Dances From “Nutcracker Suite” 5:20
A2 Dialogues For Piano And 2 Loudspeakers 4:00
A3 Episodes For Piano And Electronic Sound 5:50
A4 Geodesic Dance (Electronic Etude) 3:21
A5 Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 In F Major 5:50
B1 “Little” Fugue In G Minor 3:44
B2 What’s New, Pussycat? 2:05
B3 Eleanor Rigby 2:06
B4 Wedding March 1:12
B5 Pompous Circumstances 12:00

*full download below*

The majority of this album was recorded in the mountainous regions around Vancouver in 1974. Since the XXI Winter Olympics are currently unfolding in the same terrain I figured it’s a perfect time to post A Royal Hudson.

With the exception of small tourist getups, I’ve never seen a steam train muscling its way through the countryside. I can only imagine, after listening to this album, that it must be a heavy spectacle. The way the steel beast roars and echoes through the mountain passes on A Royal Hudson can at times be terrifying.

While listening to this I kept imagining that I was an injured baby fawn, perhaps with a split hoof and a mother killed by an unlicensed hunter, trapped on the tracks over the Capilano River–unable to move or comprehend what strange, fire-breathing monster laid in wait around the bend. The fear was overwhelming but thankfully the end will be quick. I hope.

**Album Notes From the Back Liner

Side 1

(1) 5:52

Ferry boat horns,sea gulls, and other delightful park woods sounds abound in this early October 1974 morning, as No. 2860, a beautifully restored ex-Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson, departs the North Vancouver area, northbound forSquamish. Our quadraphonic microphone is located just west of the Capilano River bridge that separates North Vancouver from West Vancouver.

(2) 3:46

The breathtakingly beautiful mountains that surround Squamish, B.C., provide a unique echo chamber for the whistle of Royal Hudson No. 2860, as she heads southbound of North Vancouver.

(3) 4:25

Kew Road in West Vancouver, a very fashionable suburb of the greater Vancouver area, plays host to the 4-6-4 daily during the Summer months except Tuesdays. What fun!

(4) 1:38

North Britannia, deep rockwall cut, and a 2% grade provide the stage, Engineer Frank Smith coaxes the star, and the result? A stellar performance by the object of just about everybody’s affection.

(5) 2:52

Burkehill Road, West Vancouver, first No. 2860 works her way over the crossing and past our microphone location. But then do we detect second No. 2860, on another track perhaps? About the only way we can describe this entire band, “twice is nice.”

Side 2

A cab ride! Yep, almost as good as leaning out the right hand side of the cab window yourself, and waving to everybody who turned out to see a Royal Hudson steam and whistle by today.

Your very own right hand seat box trip will include–

The air test and time signal over two way radio at North Vancouver;

pulling out of North Vancouver Station;

crossing the Capilano River bridge entering West Vancouver;

on the northbound grade from milepost 6-7 and 8-10;

the North Britannia grade through two tunnels yet.

All of the sequences noted above, have been edited or otherwise condensed from over one hour of actual recorded time, into twenty-one minutes of pure joy.

Important Special Notice

The British Columbia Ry. Observes all rules and regulations prescribed in the Uniform Code of Railway Operating Rules for Canada. However, certain liberties were taken during the actual recording scenes, particularly with the whistle signals; which are meant solely as entertainment and does not imply improper adherence to the Uniform Code by the British Columbia Ry.


Click to download the sounds of a Royal Hudson

Specifications of Royal Hudson 2860

Built:  June, 1940, Montreal Locomotive Works

Shop Number: 69292

Class: H-1e

Drivers: 75-inch

Cylinders: 22×30-inch

Boiler Pressure: 275 pounds per square inch

Tractive Effort: 42,250 (with booser: 57,250) pounds

Total Weight: 657,500 pounds

Water Capacity: 12,000 imperial gallons

Fuel Capacity: 4,100 imperial gallons

*download below*

So yes, this is a disco take on the Wizard of Oz.  I’m pretty sure if there was ever a reason to exclaim FABULOUS! this is it. I mean with the throb disco beat, the Emerald City, ruby slippers, wands and tiaras this might take the cake of gayest album ever. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing…I’m just saying if you were to play this during your drag performance you’d win unanimously.

If Oz were like the back of this album cover men would do everything in their power to get sucked up by a prairie tornado.  After all, in Oz you can be the goofiest asshole ever and still rub nasty with a seemingly normal hot chick. Maybe those chicks are severely mentally disabled or something? Perhaps the wonky fellows of The Emerald City have perfected the science of Roofy Chemistry: instead of making a broad pass out she just puts on something sexy and rubs should blades with you. Hot. But best of all if you’re a creepy little dude donning a salami shirt it’s totally cool to chafe all over the taller folk with reckless abandon.  As long as it’s over the clothes everyone’s SO chill.

Get some, little man. Get some.

Click here to download The Wizard of Oz to MP3


A1 Over The Rainbow
A2 Cyclone
A3 Munchkinland
A4 Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
A5 Munchkinland (Again)
A6 We’re Off To See The Wizard (The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz)
B1 Poppies
B2 The Spell
B3 Optimistic Voices
B4 The Merry Old Land Of Oz
B5 The Haunted Forest
B6 March Of The Winkies
B7 Dorothy’s Rescue
B8 If I Were King Of The Forest
B9 Over The Rainbow
B10 The Reprise

*download below*

Here’s two video previews of lighter songs with the full album for download below.  Take a moment to check the vids out (they’re only about a minute apiece.) The longer songs get pretty far out with the composition and effects Tomita uses.  I really can’t get enough of early Moog electronic music…especially pieces with a quirky Japanese twist.

Click here to download Pictures at an Exhibition from vinyl


A1 Promenade 1:30
A2 The Gnome 3:12
A3 Promenade 1:02
A4 The Old Castle 5:18
A5 Promenade 0:34
A6 Tuileries 0:55
A7 Bydlo 3:17
A8 Promenade 1:00
A9 Ballet Of The Chicks In Their Shells 1:05
B1 The Two Jews 3:04
B2 Limoges/ Catacombs 3:56
B3 Cum Mortuis In Lingua Mortua 2:06
B4 Baba Yaga (Hut On Fowls’ Legs) 3:50
B5 Great Gate Of Kiev 6:14