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*download below*

Listen to this album and picture Nelson Mandela sitting in his family room, maybe chillin with a box of Mike and Ikes (but more likely with an obscene bag of Sno Caps) with The Air Up There, starring  the ever-youthful Kevin Bacon, rollin on the TV.  He’s not rockin the DVD but a Blu Ray disc because Nelson is a stickler for quality and needs to see the minute detail of every sweat bead glistening from Kev’s furrowed brow.  Understand that Nelson has his doubts about Kevin Bacon–he’s always questioning his motives.  It’s an internal conflict that rocks him to the core at each of his daily 8 o’clock viewings.  Was it a mistake to unleash the Shake and Bac on an unsuspecting people?  Nelson will never come to terms with the ramifications of introducing such raw, untamed power to the continent.

Download Paul Simon – Graceland vinyl to MP3