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Play this at your party if you want Fun Fun, Fun Fun.

Click here to download Fun Fun

1. Bailo Bolero (Bolero Mix)9:20 with sexy vocals

2. Bailo Bolero (House Mix) 11:23 of sexy beats

There’s a new record store in Cincy called Another Part of The Forest that has a TON of awesome singles from the 80′s. I picked up a few while I was there this past week and will be back soon to feed my craving. Many of those singles all came from one huge collection with handwritten notes on each album cover. I feel bad for the DJ that had to let go of his preciouses. Everyone keep this New Wave Club Kid, whoever he/she is, in their prayers.

May Stacey Q smile upon you once again, my fallen turntable warrior.

Praise be unto Stacey.

>>>Click here to download the Two of Hearts 4-Song Single at 320 kbps


A Two Of Hearts (Vocal / European Dance Mix) 6:00
B1 Two Of Hearts (Instrumental) 4:39
B2 Two Of Hearts (Vocal / Radio Edit) 3:58
B3 Stacey’s Dream (A Capella) 2:32

The Special Dance version of  ”The Rhythm is Gonna Move You” is more or less the same song albeit longer and markedly more dramatic. The dub version on this disc is where things get really interesting. The song starts off with a funky synth part that is reminiscent of the intro to Harold Faltermeyer’s song “Axel Foley,” which is better known as the theme song for Beverly Hills Cop. It then takes its many detours through Conga Junction, New Wave Fashion Catwalk Way and Synthesizer Station. The end result is an terrifically exotic song jammed pack with the mesmerizing “Ooooayyyoooaaayyyy…..OoooayyyooooOOOOOOOahhhh”  hook throughout. Hip whip outta this world.

Click here to download the Special 12″ Dance Mix single


1) Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (Dance Mix)

2)Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (Dub Mix)

*download below*

Here’s a dancy little disc conjured up from the brain of John Lydon or, as he’s better known from his day with the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten.  Don’t expect any of the Sex Pistols sound here, however.  The Pistols’ punk-in-the-trunk makes way for the supremely 80′s fashion-blasted post-punk slathered in these tracks.  Well, I guess it’s post-punk.  A lot of things came after punk: Miley Cyrus, Y2K, Crest White Strips.  I suppose it’s post-ragtime as well.  Music genre names are retarded.

Anyway, it’s a carnivalesque song dressed up in a hot pink polyester blouse with large foam shoulder pads.  The remixes are a bit more fun than the original but the album cut is peppy enough in its own right.  I also have another full length album entitled Happy? from 1987 by Public Image Ltd which strangely doesn’t contain any songs with its namesake.  Maybe it will make it’s way on here with a bit of encouragement.

Check the original mix.


-Happy 12″ remix

-Happy 7″ dub remix

-Happy Album Edit

Get Happy!