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In spite of being one of the most durable physical music formats in the world, vinyl record encounters the top issue of making noise, such as the snap, pops, crackle, the clicks, the background hiss, and more.

If you are a fan of the vinyl record and sometimes pay a lot of money for a new piece of vinyl, try to take care of it and it will reward you with long pleasurable use. There are 8 steps suggested by tech guru Paul Rigby to store your vinyl record collection properly.

Step One: Inner Sleeves

The inner sleeve is the only item that will come into contact with your precious vinyl regularly. Therefore, it is absolutely essential as a storage medium. The worst kind of storage is made from pure paper. If you move your vinyl record in and out of a paper inner again and again over the years, it will act like a fine grain sandpaper piece that adds more surface noise to your record. There are two recommended inners that are flavored, including a round-bottomed plastic-only variant and a delicate plastic liner within a paper inner. The first is more useful since you don’t have to try to get the paper inner corners into the card sleeve, which might cause folding and creasing.

Step Two: Outer Sleeves

In order to accompany the inner, you will need an outer covering. This will protect the vinyl’s card sleeve and also prevent dust from finding and abrading the record over time. But remember not to buy the heavy gauge plastic samples and then feel smug about it. Make sure to choose the soft, roomy and much cheaper sleeves. The advice is that thick plastic covers can stick to the vinyl record sleeve eventually as well as pull the artwork right off. There are outers for both 10” records and 7” singles for you to choose.