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This is the first album that’s been uploaded from the monster stack of abandoned LPs I found on the corner of Silver & Alemany in EXCELSIOR, SF, CA. I have a strong suspicion that this disc, along with the hundreds of other derelict bargain discount albums, belonged to the recently deceased owner of Force of Habit Records.

Now, I can’t be for certain on this since my investigation into the last place of residence for “Braindead” Devereaux, which should have correlated with the location of my find, was pitifully fruitless at best. I just feel that anyone throwing out so many records with $1 Force of Habit stickers probably let them go them in a hurry…if you catch my drift.

So, if these were indeed your unsold and unwanted discs I thank you, sir. I will try to give this unsellable record something of a 21 gun salute in your honor.


So, here’s a short explanation of what this album is for those unfamiliar. Mike + The Mechanics was a spinoff from the band Genesis, who had a few solid hits during the Reagan administration. Their music has little meaning to those born before 1990, but those of us lucky enough to remember Small Wonder will definitely have a piece of memory tied to Mike’s tunes. That’s about it, how’s that for a short explanation.

Here are two hits from this self-titled album. They’re truly a must have for any 80′s lover.




Of course, there were other spinoffs from Genesis during the 80′s and beyond. Here’s the top five spawn of Genesis, because everyone loves a list of winners.

5) Phil Collins

Phil’s probably the most highly recognized member of Genesis for the casual listener. His hits, such as “In The Air Tonight,” have been featured prominently in recent films like The Hangover. He also has an abnormally tiny bald head, not unlike that of an aging koala, which tends to brand itself within a person’s psyche.

4) Peter Gabriel

This founding member of Genesis found success with the help of John Cusack’sbeautiful but not quite young, not quite old, not quite white, not quite Japanese, not quite human, not quite animatronic face. Peter also thrust ridiculous sexual innuendos into the supple, swollen folds of a claymation vessel that red-rocketed straight to the top of the charts in “Sledgehammer.”

3) The Binding and Attempted Murder of Isaac

God and Abraham were real good buds. Well, buds isn’t really accurate. Abraham was kind of God’s little bitch. One day God said, “Hey man, you know what, kill that boy of yours if you’re really mah dawg.” Abraham didn’t really want to, but he didn’t want to be a little bitch either. So, he prepared to do God’s bidding…for God is good.

At least he tried to. After tying up his son and preparing to do a bit of the ol’ stabby stabby an angel flew down and said, “Jesus, Abraham, that old fuck’s really got you whipped, LOL!” And lo, Abraham was punk’d.

Anyway, the angel told Abraham to slow his roll and let Isaac go–God was only playin’. And then Abraham killed some ram to appease God. This made God happy, because Abraham’s god was a fucking weirdo.


Glory! Blessed be His word!


2) The next Justice album.

Well, it’s either going to kick ass or I’ve just jinxed everything. Either way my dick is in a vice: let’s just hope it’s the vibrating sort.

1) The soundtrack for Pebble Beach Golf on Sega Genesis

This is the only music I’m requesting for my funeral. With these clean, innocent, yet sophisticated MIDI melodies my soul will soar the highest reaches of the Celestial Kingdom. No need for cremation or burial–with this divine electronic symphony my mortal husk will explode into 10,000 butterflies that will travel south on Carlos Slim’s private jet stream…

…only to be squashed by some spoiled 7-year-old kid wearing Crocs on spring break in Puerto Vallarta.


Click here to download a 320 kbps rip of Mike + The Mechanics



This video features “The Look of Love (Part 1)”. Part 3 from Side B of this single is a very slight variation on this theme. The USA Dub Remix on Side B is totally weird. Enjoy.


Click here to download the MP3 conversion from the 12″


A The Look Of Love (USA Remix – Dub Version) 7:37
B The Look Of Love (Part 3 – Dance Version) 4:17


I tierd wtrinig smoe tpye of ting auobt tihs alubm but culodn’t baucese teh dance gto a thgit girp on ym ass.

Movies featuring songs from this album:

Pretty In Pink


American Psycho

Married To The Mob

Hot Tub Time Machine


24 Hour Party People

Something Wild


Bright Lights, Big City

The Beach


Marie Antoinette



The Wedding Singer



Click here to download Substance 1987 ripped from vinyl to 320 MP3



A1 Ceremony 4:22
Producer – Martin Hannett
Written-By – Joy Division
A2 Everything’s Gone Green 5:30
Producer – Martin Hannett
A3 Temptation 6:58
Engineer – Michael Johnson
B1 Blue Monday 8:12
B2 Confusion 4:41
Engineer – Michael Johnson
Written-By – Arthur Baker
B3 Thieves Like Us 6:36
Written-By – Arthur Baker
C1 The Perfect Kiss 8:46
Producer – Michael Johnson
C2 Subculture 4:47
Remix – John Robie
C3 Shellshock 6:27
Written-By – John Robie
D1 State Of The Nation 6:31
D2 Bizarre Love Triangle 6:41
Remix – Shep Pettibone
D3 True Faith 5:53
Producer – Stephen Hague
Written-By – Stephen Hague

Soylent green, is. Made…of people?

Hey Soul Sister,

Ain’t that Mr. Mister

On the radio, stereo,

the way you look ain’t fair, you know.

Well, I wish it was Mr. Mister on the radio, because I’d give my couch, car and cat to never hear that shitty Train song at work ever again.

Welcome To The Real World might harbor the most 80′s sound waves of all time. Everything you’d expect to hear from the decade of indulgence is there: crazy quick synth, soaring masculine vocals, unnaturally crisp drums, and totally gratuitious, unexpected guitar screams. And yes, it does sound ridiculous…but it’s also totally awesome. It instills you with unabashed power. Power that makes your fist pump, your jaw jut, and your girlfriend cover her face and shake her head in disgust.

And it contains two of the best 80′s songs: “Kyrie” and “Broken Wings”. Not familiar with those tracks? Take a look at the following videos and let the memories rush in, no matter how sticky they may be.

Behold “Kyrie” and it’s on-stage, on-tour montage. Nothing spelled success in the 80′s more than jumping really high on stage and giving high fives to roadies.

Mend those “Broken Wings” with this black and white beauty. No mournful 80′s music video is complete without a somber cruise in a classic American convertible.

>>>Click here to download Welcome To The Real World

Danny Elfman is the Evil King of the Gingers. This title affords him all sorts of red magic, charms and glitter powers.  Since 1984 he’s been using his quartet of fetish dolls to perform terrible tasks to make life terribly good for him.

The first black kitty cat with the squiggly zipper stomach on the left  landed him the gig of as soundtrack composer for every Tim Burton film ever made. It did this, of course, by breaking into Burton’s duplex in the middle of a full-mooned night.  Once inside, little kitty found Burton and made fun of his silk pajamas well past the break of dawn. Burton’s spirit was quickly broken–he handed over full soundtrack rights for the next century to Elfman by mid-afternoon.

The other three, especially Skeleton Jack over there, wrastled Elfman composer duties for the theme song to The Simpsons. You see, 20 years ago Matt Groening was really into training Shetland Ponies for the show circuit. It was basically the only thing he lived for. He enjoyed doodling every now and then but it was basically ponies for life. That is, until one night, when the Ginger Trio arrived.

Well, you know the rest…they poisoned his pony, Mr. Trickets, and promised the antidote in return for a contract to a show he’d have to create. And not just a show, a cartoon with yellow people. Lots of them. Too many to keep track of unless you watched the show every week for 20 years. And somehow Groening fulfilled his end of the bargain and got the antidote. But the fetish dolls killed the pony anyway the next evening by Burger King overdose.

All right, fuck this.

All I can think about while writing is the little field mouse that died in my apartment this week. He didn’t even get the dignity of dying in a trap laced with peanut butter or anything. No, somehow he squeezed his tiny body into my box fan and lost his life to a great spinning electric monster he couldn’t possibly understand.

He escaped a Kentucky’s midsummer monsoon by finding a dry 19th century home. He even made it up to the second floor to assure he was totally out of harm’s way. Once he wiggled his way through what I assume was a heating duct he was clever enough to outsmart two dark cats. Keep in mind that these cats are accomplished mouse hunters; both trained in the jungles of Clifton.

And all I can think about is that dead, chopped up mouse and Danny Elfman’s lyrics from the song on this 12″: “Life’s been so good to me, has it been good to you? Has it been everything that you’d expected it to be? Was it as good for you, as it was good for me? And was it everything that it was all set up to be?”

Well, that mouse probably heard this album pumping through my abode right before he died.  Sure, he might not  have understood English but I know he felt the vibes…I just know it. And I can safely say that his life was not as good for him as it was for you, Mr. Elfman. You are such an asshole.

Download Gratitude

>>>BONUS!!!  You can also find the full LP from whence this track came (Danny Elfman – So-Lo) for download on this site here. It’s so choice.


A Gratitude (Extended Dance Version) 6:44
B1 Gratitude (Tornado Version) 7:05
B2 Gratitude (Short Version) 4:42

*download below*

Everyone needs albums in their collection that remind them one should never take music too seriously. These albums shoulds say yes, it’s ok that I like some groups that have had a top 40 hit. Yes, from time to time I do enjoy a band that fits into a genre or genres that would otherwise make my skin crawl. Yes, sometimes I wish I was a woman so that I could put one of those towering towel-bun things on my head, slather on a creepy-cream-cheese-or-whatever-the-hell-it-is-mask with my gal pals and let loose. You know, just put on the Go-Go’s and get our nails did while talking about boys or periods or crying or whatever it is chicks chat about when they’re having a tickle-fight sleepover.

You know just live, laugh, love. Lollipop lesbian Lilliputian.

This is one of those albums that will make you disregard all  cohesive thought structure and just let go-go of the world around you. Two of the best songs from the 80′s are on this album: “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “We Got The Beat”. If you’re unfamiliar with these adorable “new wave quirk” behemoths then observe the following:

Nothing displays a carefree attitude better than packing all of your girlfriends into a copper-colored 1960 Buick LeSabre convertible and hitting the open road. This is especially true when you’re adorned in your favorite 50′s regalia while sitting on the trunklid and disregarding all traffic laws. The wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth and cops on your ass.


Here again we see them displaying a total disregard for their personal safety as they pull up to their live show in the back of a 50′s pickup. Where are these girls getting such badass vintage whips? Were they servicing Jay Leno as he started out his stand-up comedy career? I must get to the bottom of that.

The biggest thing that upset me about that video is the Farrah Fawcett wannabee crowd surfer the camera keeps cutting to. She is so totally 70′s…it kills my new wave buzz so hard. GET THAT HAIR RELAXED, GIRL. THIS AIN’T A BOSTON CONCERT!

There are plenty of other great songs on the album. My personal favorite of the rest is “You Can’t Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can’t Sleep).” I’m pretty sure this is the only song on the album that was written by Belinda Carlisle. It has a bit more of the ‘tude than the other tracks with its wiggly walking bassline and heavy pop punk foundation. The chorus doesn’t really make much sense but I’ll forgive them…only because the song conjures visions of Carlisle’s bratty nose squenching over and over in a fit of passion.

Click here to download Beauty and the Beat

In my final notes I’d like to put the nail in the coffin as to just how fun the Go-Go’s are. Apparently 6 weeks after this album hit #1 on the charts a backstage video of the girls leaked to the press. The contents of that video, which are reported to be of the sex, drugs and rock and roll variety, really tarnished the Go-Go’s wholesome persona.

This loss of fan support is hilarious because it seems today that you have to make a scandalous tape to be famous. Or at least if you’re not famous you can “leak” a sex tape in hopes of becoming famous. What’s even more ridiculous is that there isn’t any actual Go-Go’s sex or nudity just some qualude-popping creep who, according to the description of the film I’ve read here, keeps flashing his junk in the hotel room of a Holiday Inn.

Too bad there wasn’t any YouTube back in the day because I bet there would have been an awesome Go-Go’s equivelant to the “Leave Brittany Alone” guy. *sigh*