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Here is a list of top albums that we consider essential to own on vinyl because of a variety of factors, including sound, production, album artwork, mastering, special features, and much more.

Beastie Boys, Paul’s Boutique

Arguably, the Beastie Boys’ sophomore follow-up to Licensed to Ill is their best work. The 20th anniversary pressing of the album is also incredibly well done.  Triple gatefold with amazing album and a much-improved remastering means you will get one of the best hip-hop albums that have ever been made.

Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavillion

Listening to Animal Collective is a great experience.  The best album to date from the collection of musical safari guides is their most accessible and unique for those who want to see or hear what all the fuss is about. It is of the moment, feels new and striking in its immediacy, as well as comes across friendly and welcoming.  It is really a complete album with one of the most recognizable vinyl record jackets recently.

The Beatles, Revolver

Revolver should be the best Beatles album to own on vinyl since it is the best Beatles album period. The technical and artistic innovation having been made during the 300-hour studio time for the Fab Four is so astonishing. That took place while the band was really in its prime.

After George Martin, their producer, created his own label, The Beatles had time to develop the album at their own speed without anxious record execs breathing down their necks. Each member contributed to the lyrics while Eleanor Rigby features a string octet – very much an example of Paul McCartney’s genius. Tomorrow Never Knows, the final song of the album is considered a forerunner to the psychedelic rock movement and also reveals how far ahead of the times the group was, utilizing automatic double tracking for Lennon’s vocals, multiple looped tape effects, and reverse guitar.