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Step Three: Vinyl Bags

We have talked about the outer plastic sleeve for your record protection in the part 1 of this article but we haven’t mentioned a new variant on that theme: the vinyl bags. You should choose bags made from high quality materials and fitting snuggly like a standard outer sleeve with a large flap and an adhesive strip on the top of the bag. While a standard plastic sleeve remains open on one side, the high-quality bag can protect the record as well as keep the air and airborne rubbish out.

Step Four: Shelving

Now that you have encased your record, but where do you put it? A shelving system is essential. Here we recommend the IKEA KALLAX, in budget terms and flexibility. It can be bought in different sizes and variants have insets so that it can hold baskets and boxes and even have space for a TV. So it has great value for money. However, don’t pack it full of records since the accumulated weight may make it lean to one side and collapse. Consider investing in metal brackets to firm up the overall structure.

Step Five: Record Dividers

When you have stuffed your IKEA shelving with records, perhaps you won’t have a clue where each thing is. The classic solution to that problem is to use cheap plastic record dividers which can help you scribble the alphabet or music genres, in order to make a sense of cataloging. It is cheap but messy and definitely tacky. American designer Kate Koeppel has created a collection of high quality, restrained, laser cut wood record dividers as a better alternative. The collection of wood panels include: two tab styles, vertical tabs for record boxes, and horizontal tabs for shelving; two lettering styles: engraved or stenciled; two typographical versions; two sizes for 12” and 7” records; a panel A–Z set for large record collections; and an abbreviated six panel set for smaller collections.