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Mmmm tasty.  So sweet and juicy…Oh God it’s rolling down my chin. You know what, I don’t even care just let it roll right down to the collar. That’s right, little nectary juice drip just perch right there. Get comfortable that’s a poly/cotton blend no big deal. Breathes and won’t pill.

Do I dare take another bite? Will my frail constitution handle the sheer ecstasy? I don’t know…who cares.

Dig in girl. No nibbling you swallow that whole thing. That’s right take it in. Yeah, you like that. You definitely like it. Oooo that tickles stop that! You know papi’s sensitive. Just work the tip baby. That’s right. Just the tip.

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*download below*

Here’s a dancy little disc conjured up from the brain of John Lydon or, as he’s better known from his day with the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten.  Don’t expect any of the Sex Pistols sound here, however.  The Pistols’ punk-in-the-trunk makes way for the supremely 80′s fashion-blasted post-punk slathered in these tracks.  Well, I guess it’s post-punk.  A lot of things came after punk: Miley Cyrus, Y2K, Crest White Strips.  I suppose it’s post-ragtime as well.  Music genre names are retarded.

Anyway, it’s a carnivalesque song dressed up in a hot pink polyester blouse with large foam shoulder pads.  The remixes are a bit more fun than the original but the album cut is peppy enough in its own right.  I also have another full length album entitled Happy? from 1987 by Public Image Ltd which strangely doesn’t contain any songs with its namesake.  Maybe it will make it’s way on here with a bit of encouragement.

Check the original mix.


-Happy 12″ remix

-Happy 7″ dub remix

-Happy Album Edit

Get Happy!