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The FIFA World Cup is one of the world’s biggest sports events. Every tournament generates a wide range of music recorded to celebrate the event and to support the teams. Now let’s have a look at ten of the best FIFA World Cup songs of all time, whether your favorite team wins or loses.

1. Hot Hot Hot, by Arrow (1986)

Adopted as the theme song of the FIFA World Cup 1986 in Mexico, Hot Hot Hot stretches out for seven minutes but never overstays its welcome. The reason is that the energy is so contagious, from the bass-driven groove and the punch-drunk horn charts to the oft-repeated chorus hook. It makes all the people feel hot.

2. Three Lions, by Baddiel Skinner and the Lightning Seeds (1996)

Three Lions is a great song with classic Britpop sound, including the wistful pining of the vocals and a bass-line echoeing the mid-‘60s Kinks.

3. La Copa de la Vida, by Ricky Martin (1998)

La Copa de la Vid was a proper international phenomenon. It spent six weeks at No. 1 in France, Australia, and Sweden, four weeks in Germany, and two in Spain. Martin even did perform it at the Grammys, which Billboard credits with having started the Latin pop explosion. 

From the groove, the energy, the Latin percussion, the horns, to the sound of people cheering, all are designed to get the party started.

4. Samba e Gol’, by Bellini (1998)

Originally named Samba de Janeiro, this song sounds like the soundtrack to a football version of the Rocky franchise.

5. El Rock del Mundial, by Los Ramblers (1962)

El Rock del Mundial is the first official World Cup song that starts with a Chuck Berry lick. Los Ramblers are Chilean. In this song, the only words they sing in English are “rock and roll.” But it doesn’t prevent the song from becoming famous around the world.